The UP TO 100% Trading Bonus Program (“UP TO 100% Bonus” or “Program“) is offered by 100XFX which is owned and operated by AZ Technology Ltd . to its Clients under the following terms and conditions (“We” or “100XFX“).

Before clients (“you” or “Client“) subscribe to this Program, please also refer to our General Terms and Conditions which govern our relationship. This Program is subject to our General Terms and Conditions and should be read in conjunction with it.

We reserve the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this Program at any time without notice. This Program is subject to fair use policy and we have the right to withhold this it when we have reasonable belief that the Program is being abused in any way, such as the illegal or inappropriate co-operation, collusion and the organization of trades from the same source.

You acknowledge, confirm and accept to be legally bound by the terms and conditions as set out in this Program.

We are the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this Program.


  1. UP TO 50% Bonus is available to all of the 100XFX Clients who have fulfilled the Criteria for this Program as set out in paragraph 3 below.
  2. The promotional period for this Program shall run from February 2018 onwards or until further notice.
  3. For a Client to be able to participate in this Program, you must have opened a trading account with the Company as per our Account Opening Agreement and have reached the legal age of 18. In addition to the above, in order for you to be eligible to participate in the Program you must complete and pass the appropriateness test as per the legislative requirements. For more information regarding the test please click here:
  4. You can receive the UP TO 100% Bonus in full, in cash on full completion of the volume/trading requirement defined hereunder.
  5. The Program applies to any qualifying regular Trading Accounts (excluding PAMM) as presented in the 100XFX website under Accounts Type section, which the Client has opened with 100XFX.
  6. The Program can be applied to any regular Trading Accounts under the Client portal.
  7. The Program can be applied up to (3) Trading Accounts per Client.
  8. UP TO 100% Bonus is based on the volume traded on financial trading.
  9. UP TO 100% Bonus Value is calculated as 1 USD per round turn lot traded. (100,000 units round turn) traded on financial trading products. Only positions over 0.1 lots (10,000 units round turn) qualify for the bonus.
  10. The UP TO 100% Bonus value is 5 USD per qualifying Round Turn lot traded on financial trading products.
  11. Positions open for less than 15 minutes are not eligible to qualify towards the volume requirement.
  12. UP TO 100% completion is calculated automatically every hour within the bonus section of the 100XFX Client Portal.
  13. UP TO 100% Bonus can be withdrawn/transferred for trading purposes, once the total volume requirement has been reached.
  14. UP TO 100% Bonus will be generated in either EUR/USD depending on the base currency of the account.
  15. Minimum deposit amount to qualify for the UP TO 100% bonus is 200 EUR per deposit, any deposits less will not be eligible to receive a bonus.
  16. From the moment the bonus has been credited, there is no time limit to complete the volume requirements.
  17. In order to remain transparent, the bonus will never be credited to the clients trading account in any form (Balance, Equity, Credit) until the volume requirements have been completed.

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